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February 26 2016


Too Much Music For Today's DJ

The Weekend Hotstepper Mashup remix mix

Should you asked me 3 years ago easily could ever have too much music I would tell you no way. I always felt will always have more as you never know what a person would want to hear. I am never biased with my music and although I listen to almost everything, my collection includes a lot of obscure music I would not because you can never enough. I've always used computers to have music from the events of dial up and Napster, not to ever delete anything providing the file sounded good.

We are in a different age now and also the DJ music collections have exploded to something different. I feel a combination of the mash up style music and digital DJing basic software as Serato & traktor. No more burning millions of CD's and lugging them around. Computers have made remixes easier to make and today collections have grown from thousands of songs to tens of thousands of songs. Although when first turning up such categories as mashups were a lot of fun but now there are way too many.

The Weekend Hotstepper Mashup remix mix

When someone goes to an organization they start to wonder where the original songs went. The sole time you hear the initial song is when it really is first released however maybe a month after it's all remixes and not just one but ten different styles. There are so many genres out now when compared to the 80's, 90's etc. When looking for a song now usually it takes awhile to find some tips i am looking for and that's why good organization is essential and the digital flies must be created to help you play a fantastic set.

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